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Updated 98.02.10

Images available for use on www.mun.ca

To include an image from a page on www.mun.ca, you should use HTML code similar to this:

<img src="../image/new.tgif">

This assumes that the referring page is one level below www.mun.ca/, for example http://www.mun.ca/foo/bar.html. Add one more instance of "../" for every level further down. You may also use an absolute reference, such as:

<img src="http://www.mun.ca/image/new.tgif">

The MUN Logo

The Memorial University Logo can be found in various sizes. To find a size compatible with your web page choose one from here. The MUN logo is useful for the main page of a departmental web site and as a link back to the main MUN Page.

CWIS would prefer you use the smallest of the MUN images as a link back to the main MUN page whereever possible. The MUN book graphic is being phased out.

For additional information and policies relating to the use of the MUN logo, you may wish to consult the Acceptable uses of the logo section of the Graphic Standards Manual on-line under the University Relations homepage.

Miscellaneous Graphics

Filename Image Acceptable Use
new.tgif mark additions
updated.tgif mark changes

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