Uzume Taiko

Uzume Taiko is known around the world for its West Coast Canadian taiko drumming — a powerful synthesis of music, movement and theatre. Using a diverse collection of percussive and melodic instruments as well as taiko drums, Uzume Taiko has developed its dynamic fusion of old and new styles of drumming, bringing a vibrant, contemporary sensibility to an ancient art. With the choreographed physicality of martial arts, the heart-stopping pulse of the O-Daiko and the rhythmic sensitivity of a jazz ensemble, the drummers of Uzume Taiko put on an exhilarating performance. Their fearless musical collaborations offer a musical experience unlike any other. Uzume Taiko, Canada’s premiere professional taiko drumming group, is currently led by Artistic Director Bonnie Soon and Musical Director Jason Overy. The name Uzume Taiko is derived from taiko, the Japanese word for "big drum" and from the goddess of laughter, Ame No Uzume No Mikoto — the Heavenly Alarming Female who, according to legend, first began taiko drumming.