Tipica Toronto

Tipica Toronto is a 10 piece Cuban Dance Orchestra assembled by veteran band leader/arranger: Jorge Maza. This sophisticated band combines two violins and a cello in a style known as "Charanga Francesa" including for the first time an innovation for this kind of ensemble, the Cuban "tres" guitar. Tipica Toronto performs a repertoire that reflects the grand continuum of Cuban Salsa Music from the late 1950s until today. Jorge Maza has performed and arranged for some of the biggest names in Cuban Salsa Music such as Charanga Habenera, Charanga Forever and Cubanisimo. Maza has created an orchestra with skilful musicians such as the former Cubanisimo band members Pablosky Rosales (tres) and Jorge "Papiosco" Tores (congas). Along with these band members include other musician mainstays of Toronto Latin Music scene such as Frank Durand (timbales), Cristian Saldivia (bass) and Monica Fedrigo (cello). Jorge Maza delivers high quality arrangements with that distinctive Cuban flair and showmanship. Full band line-up: Jorge Maza: Flute and band leader Pablosky Rosales: Tres Guitar and lead vocals Jorge "Papiosco" Torres: Congas Josue Cabrera: Piano and backing vocals Cristian Saldivia: Bass and backing vocals Frank Durand: Timbales Onelvis Fernandes: Lead vocals Osvaldo Rodriguez: Violin Vladimir Morfis: Violin Monica Fedrigo: Cello.