MATOU (pronounced MAH - TOE)is a collaboration of Native American and Maori performers whose music celebrates cultural strength, perpetuation of tradition and a love for nature and the geographic areas that each hail from. Matou are:

Soni Moreno, a well known Native American singer who founded and has performed with the Women's vocal group, Ulali, for a number of years. Soni has appeared on Broadway in "The Leaf People" and was involved in the production of "Bones" from the Banff Cultural Center in Canada.

Tiokasin Ghosthorse, a seventh generation Lakota flute maker and player. He has mesmerized audiences with the dulcet tunes of his cedar wood flutes. While working to preserve the cedar wood flute culture, he has educated many in this ancient musical tradition.

Ataahua Papa (Ata) is Maori (indigenous New Zealander) and hails from the Central North Island, belonging to the Waikato and Raukawa tribes. Ata has been singing and dancing since she was 4 years old and has been immersed in Maori language, custom and tradition.

Charley Buckland is a multi-dimensional creative performer who carries an Indigenous perspective from his Mohegan heritage. He is a bassist, singer/songwriter, classically trained trumpet player and flutist Donna Kelly-drummer and percussionist. Donna has played in some of New York's well known venues with many different groups of various genres including jazz, rock, R&B and cabaret.

Ettie Luckey, cellist, is a graduate of the New England conservatory. A native of North Carolina resident in Connecticut, Ettie is a member of Elite Syncopation, a ragtime jazz quartet and assistant principal of the greater Bridgeport Symphony.

Matou combines Native American flute music with the powerful traditional chants of the Maori; acoustic guitar mixes with beautiful vocal harmonies, and funk beats with Native American rattles and drums. At best, the music created by MATOU can be described as a fusion of pow wow drum beats, Native American rattles, koauau (Maori flute), Lakota cedar wood flutes and haunting vocals supported by guitar and percussion.