The Forgotten Bouzouki

The Forgotten Bouzouki was formed in 1998 by members of the Greek community of Newfoundland and Labrador. Currently most of its members are local talents who love to play Greek music. Alison Corbett (Baglamas, Violin), Darren Browne (6-string Bouzouki, Baglamas, Mandolin), Dave Panting (8-string Bouzouki, Baglamas, Mandolin, Lute), George Miminis (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar), Heather Write (Violin, Viola), Holly Hogan (Vocals), Matthew Hender (Double Bass), and Simon Miminis (Drum kit, Hand Drums).

The Forgotten Bouzouki performs several genres of Greek music: traditional, island, ballads, folk and Rebetika. The latter is a type of Greek folk music that has been compared to Spanish Flamenco, Portuguese Fado and the American Blues. It speaks to similar subjects and has a similar vibe musically and emotionally, although it involves a more complex variety of rhythms and musical scales.

The Forgotten Bouzouki has been performing regularly at local festivals and venues; the band has been featured on several regional and national CBC radio programs and has always been known for its full orchestration and first-rate musicianship.

In 2010 The Forgotten Bouzouki got a grant from the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Arts Council to record its first CD, which will be released in late summer, 2011.