Anita Best and Pamela Morgan

Anita Best is Newfoundland's foremost interpreter, collector, and presenter of traditional song. With her rich voice and warm personality she builds a marvellous bridge between old-time and contemporary Newfoundland song-making and storytelling traditions. Anita has received several honours for her work in collecting and disseminating Newfoundland folksongs, including the Marius Barbeau award from the Folklore Studies Association of Canada.

For 19 years Pamela Morgan fronted Canada's powerhouse pioneering folk/rock band "Figgy Duff." Since then she has been writing, recording, producing, and spearheading her own record label "Amber Music." In recent years, she has toured extensively in England, Canada, the US and Europe, and overseen productions of two original scores for live theater; her own folk opera, "The Nobleman's Wedding", and Figgy Duff's score for Shakespeare's "Tempest".

Both women have received honorary Doctorates from MUN for their work with Newfoundland and Labrador traditional music. Together, they collaborated on the University of Toronto Press songbook "Come and I Will Sing You" and have produced "one of the most haunting and beautiful folk albums ever recorded," "The Colour of Amber."