Ocean and Coastal Indicators


The Ocean and Coastal Indicators Working Group is part of the Ocean Research Management Network.  It aims at connecting researchers and research users across Canada and internationally with an interest in monitoring and assessment of ocean environments, ocean uses, and ocean management.  Particular attention is paid to developing and utilizing integrated frameworks of indicators to monitor progress toward sustainable development.  Based upon the needs of this working group, ICN has begun to develop a database of relevant indicators for integrated coastal zone management. 

Khan, A. and Chuenpagdee, R.  2007.  "Background Paper on Ocean and Coastal Indicators: Future Research Interests" (abstract).  2007 National Conference of the Ocean Management Research Network. 

Khan, A.S. 2007. A review and assessment of indicators relevant to integrated coastal zone management. A paper prepared for the Ocean Management Research Network Annual Conference, Oct. 24th -27th 2007.  Ottawa, Canada.
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