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Internal Research Awards: recognizing research excellence

2012 University Research Professors

The title of University Research Professor is the most prestigious award the university gives for research, and goes to faculty who have demonstrated a consistently high level of scholarship and whose research is of truly international stature.

The research interests of Dr. Raymond Poirier, Department of Chemistry, include theoretical and computational physical organic chemistry and consists of the application of quantum mechanical methods to understanding structure-reactivity and reaction mechanisms. He has made many important contributions on mechanisms of chemical reaction with an emphasis on organic reactions.

Dr. Proton Rahman, Associate Dean Clinical Research, Faculty of Medicine, is an international leader on the genetic basis of inflammatory arthritis. His pioneering research has led to the identification of numerous novel genes that contribute to the pathogenesis of psoriatic arthritis and anklyosing spondyltis. In collaboration with an international psoriasis consortium, he has identified over half of all psoriatic arthritis genes reaching genome wide significance.


2012 President's Award for Outstanding Research

The President's Awards for Outstanding Research recognizes researchers who have made outstanding contributions to their scholarly disciplines and who have received a graduate degree, or a disciplinary equivalent, within the last ten years.

Dr. Mani Larijani, Faculty of Medicine, is a leading young researcher in the areas of immunology, infectious diseases and oncology. His research focuses on DNA-mutating processes which modify human and virus genomes. These processes are involved in immune responses, evolution of viruses and cancers, particularly very aggressive leukemia and lymphomas.


Dr. Sean McGrath, Department of Philosophy, is pushing the frontiers of knowledge in the areas of Heideggerian philosophy, Mediaeval Theology, German Idealism, and Psychoanalytic studies.  His text The Early Heidegger and Medieval Philosophy is considered by many to be a major contribution to literature and pioneering on one of the least studied aspects of Heidegger's background.


2012 Terra Nova Young Innovator Award

The Terra Nova Young Innovator Award recognizes and supports outstanding young faculty members whose research is particularly innovative and whose specific research proposal has real potential for a significant impact on society.

Dr. Mani Larijani, an assistant professor of immunology and infectious diseases and oncology in the Division of Biomedical Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine.  His research has four main aims: to determine the molecular mechanisms of DNA mutating enzymes; to understand how they are regulated inside cells; to elucidate their contribution to cancer and immunity; and to harness this knowledge towards anti-cancer therapy and the development of novel anti-viral therapies.