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External Research Awards

Memorial University is home to many outstanding researchers. The work of these individuals (often alongside talented colleagues) has a tremendous impact on our communities and our understanding of the world. It is always a thrill when a dedicated researcher is recognized for their contributions.

On this page we will continue to profile those who have been recently recognized by external agencies. We extend our congratulations to these individuals and all their hardworking colleagues.

2012 Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada

To be invited to become a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada is considered the highest honour that can be attained by scholars, artists and scientists in this country.

Dr. Carole Peterson, University Research Professor in the Department of Psychology, has pioneered in three new areas of child psychology: narrative ability, eye-witness memory and early childhood amnesia. She has developed new methodologies and carried out extensive, meticulous, and brilliantly conceived field studies, deeply extending our understanding of children's capabilities in each area.
The methodologically innovative research of Dr. Peter Pope, University Research Professor, has shifted historical opinion to recognize the central place of Newfoundland and the cod fishery in the early-modern Atlantic world. The thought-provoking questions he has raised about the invention of tradition, early modern vernacular capitalism and maritime cultural landscapes resonate well beyond regional or even national history. 


2012 Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

Election to fellowship in the Academy is one of the highest scholarly honours in Canada and awarded to those that have demonstrated leadership, creativity, distinctive competencies and a commitment to advance academic health science nationally as well as globally.

The research interests of Christopher Loomis, Vice-President (Research), have focused on the mechanisms of spinal analgesia and the spinal pharmacology of neuropathic pain early after nerve injury. His diverse academic positions in Medicine and Pharmacy reflect a record of accomplishment as a dedicated teacher, researcher and academic leader


Have you or someone you know been recently recognized for outstanding research? Please be sure to let us know by contacting Ellen Steinhauer at 709-864-2651 or