Health Promotion


Allied Health Services work to promote healthy living using a team based approach including a certified Kinesiologist, massage therapist, and an athletic therapist. The team works together to assist both general and special populations achieve optimal health.

Certified Kinesiologist

A certified Kinesiologist is an individual who has obtained a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology or Human Kinetics. Certification can be obtained in any one of six Kinesiology Associations currently in operation across Canada. The practice of Kinesiology is the assessment of movement, performance and function and the rehabilitation, prevention and management of disorders to maintain, rehabilitate, and enhance movement, performance and function, in the areas of sport, recreation, work and exercise.

Massage Therapist

Massage therapy is the assessment and treatment of the soft tissues of the body. Therapeutic massage is used to reduce stress and tension, prevent dysfunction, to relieve pain, to restore or augment function and to promote health.

Athletic Therapist

Athletic Therapy is the assessment, prevention, immediate care, and reconditioning of musculoskeletal injuries. Athletic therapy includes contemporary rehabilitative techniques, therapeutic modalities, soft tissue mobilization, physical reconditioning, and supportive taping and strapping procedures.