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Undergraduate studies

History programs

Through the Department of History at Memorial University, you can complete the following undergraduate programs:

Information on the specific requirements of the undergraduate degree programs is available in the history section of the Memorial University Calendar here.

History courses

Our first-year history courses all hone research/writing skills, serving as an “apprenticeship” for upper-level courses.

At the second-year level we have a number of broad-sweep history survey courses, and these funnel into more specialized courses at the third-year level.

Some courses are thematic -- for example, the history of film, the history of western medicine, the history of war; some are more regionally focused on the history of Newfoundland, or the history of Britain, for instance.

Our most advanced history courses at the fourth-year level are all seminars, with a maximum of 17 students to optimize opportunities for student participation.

History course descriptions for can be found in the Memorial University Calendar here.

The actual content of these courses varies by instructor. The departmental bulletin board (4th-floor of the Arts and Administration building) carries more detailed summations of each course.

Students who need more information on these courses should make an appointment to see the instructor, or even the head of the history department, Prof. Terry Bishop-Stirling.

Indeed, if you require more information on anything to do with the History Department at Memorial University, please don’t hesitate to e-mail or telephone Prof. Terry Bishop-Stirling at or 709-864-8420.

Academic Advising

Unsure about what to take? 

Undergraduate students with questions about program of study, degree requirements and academic advice can contact the academic advisor for the Faculty of Arts:

Denise Hooper
Senior Academic Advisor and Retention Manager
Faculty of Arts
Memorial University
Tel: 709-864-8363

Also, feel free to contact the history department general office at 709-864-8420.

For questions specific to the Department of History's Honours Program, please contact the Honours Coordinator, Dr. Marica Cassis, at or 709-864-7650.