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Led by Dr. Nicole Snow.

Community Treatment Orders (CTOs) provide a legal means for society to involuntarily commit into treatment individuals with severe mental illnesses who are judged to be a risk to themselves or to society. CTOs aim to seek a balance between the rights of the affected individual and the rights of those people who may be affected by his/her actions. CTOs are included in many mental health acts in Canada and in other countries; in this province, CTOs were included in the Mental Health Care and Treatment Act of 2006. The legislation provides a legal means of enforcing treatment, and specifically medication compliance.


Adverse Experiences in the Early Years


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Recent research shows that infants and children facing chronic adversity are likely to experience a broad range of difficulties and impairments in life. Join the discussion on how early interventions can break the cycle of tragedy and what we can do as a society to address the ramifications of adverse experiences in the early years of someone's life.