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Image: French[Newfoundland flag

French-Newfoundland Studies Research Group

Image: Red Island
Red Island, taken from Mainland (Port au Port Peninsula). Now deserted, the island was formerly a major French fishing centre. Photo: M. Wilkshire

List of members 

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Member and affiliation
E-mail address
Main interests in French-Newfoundland studies
Peter Ayres

Department of French and Spanish, Memorial University

* "le parler franco-terreneuvien"

* the potential of this group

Suzan Banoub-Baddour

School of Nursing, Memorial University
sbanbadnospam@mun.ca * Health services offered in French to the francophone community in Newfoundland and Labrador.

* The willingness of young francophones to undertake health studies in French

Aspi Balsara

Librarian, Memorial University

Nathalie Beausoleil
* issues of identity

* youth

* health and ageing in francophone women
Marie-Claire Bidaud

Association francophone de Saint-Jean

 * Development of the Iberville Trail as a contribution to the recognition of French heritage on the Avalon Peninsula

* French colonization in Placentia Bay, the fishery, religion, contacts with St-Pierre et Miquelon, Acadia and the First Nations

Neil Bishop

Department of French, Memorial University
* Definition of French-Newfoundland indentity

* Translation into English of literary works (especially poetry) written in French by authors in Newfoundland
Cindy Butt

* History of how French Newfoundlanders came into being

* The language they speak as a result of the history, in particular of the dominant English culture
Jeff Butt

Liaison Officer, French Services Unit Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
* Exploration of why some Francophone groups in the province are more likely to accept the status quo (the delivery of government programs and services primarily in English) than others. 

* History of Red Island
Amanda Crompton

Graduate Student, Archaeology Unit, Memorial University 
* Running an archaeological dig in Placentia,

* Social, economic, and military history of the French in Placentia.
Christopher English

Department of History, Memorial University
* Legal history of Placentia under the French regime

* Vestiges of that practice there and elsewhere in Newfoundland after 1714
Françoise Enguehard

Executive Director, 2004 Society
Bernard Fournier

Department of Political Science, Memorial University

 * interest and involvement in politics, especially by young people

* the role of religious communities in setting provincial policies

* the place of Francophone communities as advocates and in setting provincial policies
James Hiller

Department of History, Memorial University
* French Treaty Shore

* Diplomatic and treaty issues

* History of the Petit Nord

* History of French fisheries at Newfoundland 
Scott Jamieson

Department of French and Spanish, Memorial University

* Digitization and translation into English of 
historical documents (printed texts and
manuscripts, photos, maps, drawings, in
French and pertaining to Newfoundland, from a
variety of sources such as: archives, libraries,
museums, private  collections, for example,
travel accounts of early voyages to
Newfoundland, ships' logs.

* French Newfoundland Bibliography

Suzelle Lavallée

Consultant, Department of Education, government of Newfoundland and Labrador

 * The issue of Francophone identity, especially since the provision of education in French (e.g., does the school contribute to the development of students' sense of identity?)

* The importance of community role models, of the dual role of teachers: role models and teachers

* the role of the community in reinforcing the work of the school

* the written language in French - if the spoken language is part of everyone's daily life, the same is not true of the written language. Problems and challenges of this situation.
Éliane Lebel

Department of French and Spanish, Memorial University

 * the situation of French as a minority language in local francophone communities

* anything related to French and its survival as an active, living language, both spoken and written 
Yves Leroy
Tout ce qui concerne:
        * Saint-Pierre et Miquelon
        * le French Shore

Aileen Macdonald

Department of French and Spanish, Memorial University

* History of the French language

* Development of the theme of the history of the Acadian and Newfoundland languages in language courses

* Acadian and Newfoundland civilization
James MacLean

Department of French and Spanish, Memorial University
* The French cultural presence in Newfoundland
Erin Noel

Graduate student, Department of Anthropology, Memorial University
 * The social, cultural and linguistic impact of French Newfoundland language activism in Cape St. George, NL
Magessa O'Reilly

Department of French and Spanish, Memorial University

* Quebec language and civilization, possible links with other communities and other forms of French outside of France.
Peter Pope

Archaeology Unit, Department of Anthropology, Memorial University
* Collection and transcription of documents shedding light on effort and catches in the Newfoundland fishery, 1500-1700 (part of HMAP: History of Marine Animal Populations).

* Fishing stations on le Petit Nord, 1504-1904, especially 1500-1700.

* Fishing stations on the south coast, 1504-1713, including particularly Plaisance, especially peacetime relations with the English Shore, 1662-1689.

* Working in collaboration with James Hiller on a popular history of the French Fishery, for the French Shores Working Group, to be sponsored by the Newfoundland Archaeological Heritage Outreach Program.

Ronald Rompkey

Department of English, Memorial University
* The social circumstances of the Newfoundland gardiens who kept custody of
French premises over the winter.

* A collection of extracts from French publications which describe
Newfoundland as a place or Newfoundlanders as a people in the nineteenth

*Activities of the French navy in Newfoundland waters : the naval discourse
in matters concerning Newfoundland.
Mireille Thomas

Department of French and Spanish, Memorial University


Lesley Thompson

Graduate student, Department of French and Spanish, Memorial University

Andrée Thoms

Département de français, université Memorial (retraitée)
* Acadia and Acadians

* Acadian descendants in Newfoundland, their links with Bretons and Micmacs (miscegenation)
, their history, language and customs.
Johanne Devlin Trew

School of Music, Memorial University
* Traditional French-Newfoundland music and song.  

* Relationships between French Canadians and the Irish people.
Patty Wells

Research Assistant, Archaeology Unit, Memorial University 
 * The early occupation of the French Treaty Shore

* the increase in general awareness of Newfoundland's early French inhabitants.
Michael Wilkshire

Department of French and Spanish, Memorial University (retired)

 * Crew lists of French fishing vessels

* After-death inventories of effects of French fishermen

* Reports from captains of the French naval station in Newfoundland

* French accounts of travel to Newfoundland

* French ships'surgeons in Newfoundland
Joan Woodrow

Graduate student, Department of French and Spanish, Memorial University

* the French sedentary fishery to the northeast coast of Newfoundland, (le Petit Nord) particularly to the harbours between Englee and Fichot Island. 

* Understanding the historical context of many of the stories in the local oral tradition, from the French Shore period, and to verify names, dates and events associated with these stories

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