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More than two months prior to departure

The general rule in planning and preparation is that you should begin well in advance of two months prior to departure. Why? Visas and permits often take a long time to process. If you do not have a passport, this can take a long time. If you make any errors with your visa / passport application, it will take time to fix.

In this series of pages, we have arranged the most common items for consideration prior to international travel. Please note, these are merely suggestions, and no one checklist is complete. Where possible we have prioritized these items, as well as arranged them chronologically.

If you prefer to have a printable copy there are two versions for you:






Passport Check expiry date - make sure passport is valid for at least 6 months past your schedule return date ~$80.00 High

165 Duckworth St.

6th Floor

Passport Canada Website

Extra passport sized photos for other discount cards (e.g. Youth Rail Pass)
H1N1 Vaccination

Public Health Agency of Canada highly recommends availing of the H1N1vaccine as a preventive measure. This recommendation is supported by the Provincial Department of Health and Community Services and the vaccine is currently available in our province. As a student travelling abroad, you need to be aware of this recommendation and/or you may wish to consult a physician to discuss taking this vaccine before departing for study.

None HIGH Local health agency
Register valuables Canadian Border Services agency will register your valuables so that you have proof that items were not purchase in destination countries No cost Low

165 Duckworth St. 6th Floor


Secure flight booking Correspond with travel agent for flight bookings. Travel Cuts is located on the 3rd floor of the University Centre on the St. John's Campus Various High Speak with your program coordinator to see the best options for flights.
Print Flight itinerary NA Med
Vaccinations Visit international travel clinic or student health clinic and arrange for vaccinations (if necessary) 8 weeks recommended Yes (varies by type of shot. Low - High, depending on destination JEMA International Travel Clinic, 736 Water St., 738-JEMA

Begin studying your destination country: culture, customs, economy, activities. Suggestion: start with very general information first,

then move into travel guides such as Frommer's, Rough Guide and Lonely Planet.

Also, check out The Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas - available in print at the Career Development Centre. (more books)

varies High Centre for Career Development; Online
Visa application Research the necessary visas (i.e. work permits, study permits) required for entry and stay in host country. varies High Travel/ Work Visa info;
Student Loan Information

Investigate the student loan process for studying abroad:

  • Will student loans cover studying abroad?
  • What do I need to do in addition to the conventional application to study abroad?
NA High; visit Answers, UC-3005
Investigate scholarships for studying abroad Depending on where you are going, there may be financial assistance in the way of scholarships None High financial information on goabroad; Scholarships and Awards

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