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Study Abroad

Memorial has a wide variety of study abroad programs depending on the academic discipline which you are studying or where you would like to go. And there exist many other opportunities offered through external organizations that will facilitate your desires to gain a global experience.

Your Options: Group Study vs. Exchange

A group study program typically involves you as a Memorial Student participating in a program abroad with other Memorial students. The program is facilitated by one or several faculty and staff members who are your main points of contact and support while overseas. The courses that you study overseas are Memorial University courses for which you receive course grades and credit.

Memorial's group study programs

Harlow Campus Fact Sheet

North2North Student Exchange Program

Summer Sessions in Korea

An exchange program, on the other hand, involves you travelling to a partner institution to study courses related to your academic discipline. Typically, you will be the only student (or one of several) travelling for anywhere from 1 semester to a full year abroad. Memorial has many such agreements with institutions around the world, some of which will be listed on this website. Courses that you study overseas are courses from the host institution, for which credit may transfer back to Memorial. It is recommended to ensure before you study abroad that courses will transfer back and contribute to your degree at Memorial.

One great way to gain international experience and see the world is to study abroad. With an ever increasing global community there are more opportunities to study abroad.

Length of Study

Memorial's undergraduate study abroad programs vary in length from 3 or 4 weeks through 13 weeks abroad. Study abroad and exchange programs are offered in every semester (fall, winter and spring) throughout the year.

Internal vs. External

Internal programs are those that have been developed, negotiated and recognized by Memorial University faculty and staff. Examples of these include established group study abroad programs and exchange agreements between institutions. Courses taken are often directly transferable back to your Memorial degree.

However, there exist many other options in case you do not find what you are looking for. These include participating in study abroad programs from other Canadian Universities or external organisations that organize and run their own programs.

Faculties, Schools and Departments

Arts - Many departments within the Faculty of Arts offer study abroad and exchange programs. Consult the Faculty of Arts study abroad website for the latest listing of programs and opportunities abroad.

Business - The Faculty of Business offers opportunities to go abroad on work terms, to the Harlow campus, or on exchange with other universities. Consult with the International Programs Office, Faculty of Business for all the latest.

Education - The Faculty of Education has several opportunities to go abroad for the internship portion of your education degree. Consult with your program advisor for all the latest.

Fine Arts - Grenfell Campus School of Fine Arts avails of the Harlow Campus to study abroad, typically in the winter semester each year. Both the theatre and visual arts streams of the fine arts program typically go over.


Science - Several departments within the Faculty of Science offer study abroad opportunities, including participation in international conferences and competitions. It is best to speak with individual professors about opportunities abroad, or look into Memorial's university-wide agreements with international partners to participate in an exchange abroad.

Further, the Department of Biology offers a field study program at Harlow each May.