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Thesis Title [tentative]

The human face behind the ocean paradise: exploring the governing images of Galapagos Marine Reserve

Research Description

Galapagos Marine Reserve (GMR) is one of the most well known and best maintained Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the world. However it faces challenges for the marine resources conservation and sustainable use due to the complex interactions between and among the users within and outside of the system. This research intends to know how the GMR system works and how its elements are arranged; the implications of the historical background of its creation in the present situation; and the values, images and principles from interest groups, toward the GMR governance.

A qualitative methodological approach has been used to explore the institutional arrangement and the value orientation of users within the interactive governance approach. Knowing the GMR history, structure and dynamics, this research aims to encourage the decision-, policy makers and interest groups to promote a more comprehensive process in marine resources governance. A better understanding of the relationships between humans and marine resources, and the recognition of the existing failures could foster potential solutions to deal with the challenges faced in the GMR at present and in the future.

Research Interests

  • Human dimension of marine-related issues
  • Small-scale fisheries and coastal communities
  • Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)
  • Tourism in MPAs
  • Marine Mammals conservation


Peer reviewed articles

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Working papers

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Environmental Education

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