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Tamara Tukhareli


Office: n/a
Telephone: 519 994 2627

Fax: (709) 864- 3119


Dr. Josh Lepawsky


Dr. Kate Parizeau (Department of Geography, University of Guelph)

Dr. Dean Bavington (Department of Geography, Memorial University of Newfoundland)

Thesis Title

Analysing the sustainability of electronic waste management in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Research description

My project focuses on the exploration of the electronic waste management system in a developed, urban center. The purpose of the study is to analyse the current and future sustainability of the electronic waste management sector in the City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The purpose will be addressed by answering the following research questions:

1) What is the structure of the electronic waste management networks in Toronto?

2) What role do the various ‘actors’ play in the development of a sustainable electronic waste management system?

3) How, if at all, could the sustainability of the existing electronic waste management system be enhanced?

It is my expectation that this research will aid in better understanding of the functionality of the electronic waste management system in an urban setting.

Research Interests:

Waste management; Electronic waste; Resource Management; Sustainability; Extended Producer Resposibility; Urban Geography