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Vol 40  No 9
January 31, 2008



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Gulliver Challenge for the Arts

Arts alumni are up to the challenge
by Dawn Roche and Leslie Vryenhoek

Dr. Wayne Gulliver

By any measure, the Gulliver Challenge for the Arts was a great success. In fact, it surpassed all expectations.

Arts alumni were challenged by Dr. Wayne Gulliver to donate to the Faculty of Arts Library Fund and he would match all contributions, dollar for dollar, up to $20,000. It appears alumni were up for the challenge as $31,000 was raised. This means that $51,000 is now available for the purchase of humanities and social science resources for the library.

The Office of Alumni Affairs and Development (AA&D) was approached by Dr. Gulliver last fall with this idea. His daughter, Susanne, is an arts student at Memorial and Dr. Gulliver understands the importance of library resources for both students and researchers.

“Susanne found the library to be a great resource at Memorial,” explained Dr. Gulliver. “That’s why I decided to issue this challenge to arts alumni. Memorial has one of the most impressive library collections in the country. I’m glad to play a role in adding to this collection.”

From August to October of 2007, arts alumni were contacted by the Telefund student callers at AA&D and asked to pledge their support. Mark Hanlon,
development officer for the Annual Fund, was pleased with the results and support.

“Everyone can relate to the library,” said Mr. Hanlon. “Most, if not all, alumni have spent countless hours there conducting research and expanding their knowledge. Thanks to all alumni who supported this initiative and thanks especially to Dr. Gulliver for coming forward with this challenge.”

According to Jennifer O’Neill, senior development officer with AA&D, donors were able to choose whether they wanted their gift to purchase resources for the humanities or the social sciences. Dr. Gulliver chose to direct his matching funds specifically to anthropology-related books.

Dr. Gulliver’s commitment to Memorial runs deep. He was instrumental in establishing an award to honour Dr. Wallace Ingram’s contribution to medical education within this province. He has also initiated the Thousand Thousands Challenge, encouraging medical graduates to donate $1,000 annually to raise $1 million for the Faculty of Medicine. During the 2007 Alumni Tribute Awards, Dr. Gulliver received the J. D. Eaton Award in recognition of his exceptional leadership and outstanding service to Memorial.


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