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Vol 40  No 9
January 31, 2008



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Senate talks Grenfell

At a special meeting Jan. 22, Memorial’s Senate tabled and accepted a report of its committee dealing with a separate Senate for Grenfell College in a university system as outlined by the Kelly Davies report.

The report addressed composition of a Senate for a separate west coast university and the assumptions, principles and mechanisms by which two university Senates might relate to one another under the proposed two-university system.

The report was sent to the Board of Regents with the recommendation that the board use the report as a basis for recommending the constitutions of the new Senates of Memorial University. In particular, Senate recommends that the Board of Regents observe the principles enunciated in the report to ensure that the academic governance structures of the provincial university system balances collaboration across the system with appropriate autonomy for each of the constituent universities.

The committee also recommended that the new Grenfell Senate have a structure similar to that of the current body – with membership for key administrators at Grenfell as well as 24 members of faculty elected to represent academic constituencies, six student representatives and two members elected by academic support staff.

For the full Senate report, see marcomm/public_affairs/grenfell_governance.php.


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