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Vol 40  No 9
January 31, 2008



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In Brief

Memorial@Home registrations on the rise

Distance Education and Learning Technologies (DELT) has once again recorded a positive number of registrations, adding to a recent trend in distance education registrations at Memorial. Still early in 2008, Memorial University’s registration reports are showing a 2.8 per cent increase in distance education registrations over the same time last year.

“This is a significant accomplishment,” said Ann Marie Vaughan, director, DELT, “Especially given that university’s all over Canada have increased competition for students in recent years.”

According to the 2007 Trends in Higher Education released by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC), enrolment demand is affected by a number of factors influencing participation rates, including urbanization, immigration and international students, parental education, socio-economic status and labour market demand.

All signs point to Aldrich

The annual Aldrich Interdisciplinary Lecture takes place Wednesday, Feb. 6. This year, renowned semiotician and anthropologist Dr. Marcel Danesi from the University of Toronto will deliver a lecture titled Music, Mathematics, and Metaphysics: Rekindling the Socratic Dialogue Today.

Socrates founded the first true “academy” on the basis of dialogic interaction between pupil and teacher. He would constantly bring in ideas from various domains of knowledge to shed light on an issue or an idea into the interaction.

There is, in fact, no real evidence of the idea of specialized learning, or of “degrees” of knowledge within a field of study, in the ancient academies. It is a post-renaissance one. It is still connectivity that makes the university experience unique and meaningful. Dr. Danesi’s talk will focus on the importance of connectivity today and how it has always manifested itself in true scholarship and learning across time and across the world.

The lecture takes place on Feb. 6 starting at 7 p.m., in the Inco Innovation Centre Lecture Theatre, IIC-2001.

The lecture will be held in conjunction with the Aldrich Interdisciplinary Conference for graduate students.

Sponsored by the School of Graduate Studies, the Aldrich Interdisciplinary Lecture, named for Memorial’s first dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Fred Aldrich, typically addresses issues that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries and are relevant to graduate students.

For more information, see

Union drive stops short

Teaching assistants have come up a few votes short of forming their first union. The organizing group, under the name TAUMUN, Teaching Assistants’ Union of Memorial University of Newfoundland, held a vote for union ratification in the fall.

There were 529 eligible voters of which TAUMUN need 50 per cent plus one to ratify, or 265 votes. Only 317 votes were cast, of which 260 were in favour of unionization. However, this number was less than the required support of the full membership, and the drive stalled.

The provincial Labour Relations Board will issue a decision confirming this result. From the date of receipt of that decision there is a six-month statutory freeze against another effort. Therefore, the earliest organizers can make another application will be this fall.

GEO Centre opens the doors for Memorial

Students, faculty and staff at Memorial, including Grenfell College and the Marine Institute, now get free admission to the Johnson GEO Centre, the geological interpretation centre located on Signal Hill in St. John’s. A Memorial photo ID card will be required at admission. Regular prices apply for special events such as concerts and events after 5 p.m.

The policy follows the recent management agreement plan established between the GEO Centre and Memorial. Under the agreement, Dr. Alice Collins, dean of Memorial’s Faculty of Education, has become GEO’s chairperson, and Dr. Paul Johnson will serve as vice-chair.

The executive director of the Johnson GEO Centre is Paul Dean.

For more about the GEO Centre, see or call the Rock Line at 724-ROCK (7625).


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