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Vol 40  No 8
January 10, 2008



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Committees start work on Grenfell governance

The provincial government is moving ahead with its plans to grant greater autonomy to Memorial University’s campus in Corner Brook, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College.

Government has established an implementation committee made up of officials from the Department of Education that will work on the various issues that require attention, in particular budget, the development of a strategic plan for Grenfell College and the necessary legislative changes.

An advisory committee has also been appointed to assist the process. The advisory committee is co-chaired by Joe O’Neill, former CEO of the Workplace, Health, Safety and Compensation Commission, and Adrian Fowler, a professor and former principal at Grenfell College.

Other members of the advisory committee include Ramona Cole, assistant deputy minister from the provincial Department of Education; Gil Dalton, chairman of Memorial’s Board of Regents; Gaylene Buckle and Tony Roche, members of the Board of Regents; Dr. Eddy Campbell, acting president of Memorial; Kent Decker, Memorial’s vice-president (finance and administration); Dr. Holly Pike, acting principal of Grenfell; Dennis Waterman, Grenfell’s director of administration and finance; Melissa Squarey, student representative from Grenfell College; and Meghan Mitchell, student representative from the St. John’s campus.

Government has indicated it plans to include the item in the next provincial budget with a view to implementation of a new autonomous model of governance in time for the fall 2008 semester.

Senior officials from the Department of Education met with Memorial’s Senior Executive Committee in late November to update it on the developments to date.

A Grenfell governance web site has been developed. It includes various reports and university news coverage.


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