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Vol 40  No 6
November 22, 2007



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Maclean’s magazine rank unchanged

The Maclean’s magazine ranking of Canadian universities was released recently and Memorial University has maintained its fifth place standing in the comprehensive university category.

Maclean’s ranks Canadian post-secondary institutions annually on a range of factors in six broad areas. Comprehensive universities like Memorial are ranked on 13 performance measures.

This year, Maclean’s changed its methodology, using only 13 indicators as opposed to 23 in past issues.

“Some of the data they collected from Memorial was not actually used in the ranking process, but was simply reported in tables with all the other institutions that provided data,” said Paul Chancey, director of Memorial’s Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning.

“Despite the changes in methodology, we are pleased that Memorial’s ranking has remained unchanged,” said Dr. Axel Meisen, president of Memorial. “We will study the new methodology used by Maclean’s. We are aware of certain areas where Memorial needs to improve. When issues like residences and student services are addressed, we expect Memorial’s ranking to improve.”

Memorial was tied with University of New Brunswick for fifth place in the overall ranking in the comprehensive university category. Memorial did particularly well in terms of its library holdings per student, student faculty ratio, and operating budget.

The magazine also contained a story on trends in student recruiting. Memorial’s innovative Rant Like Rick marketing campaign received high profile from Maclean’s. In a feature on university marketing, the magazine described the promotion and compared it with the marketing campaigns of other university’s across the country.

According to the magazine, the 11 universities in the comprehensive category have a significant amount of research activity and a wide range of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including professional degrees.

Maclean’s recognizes unique program
by Heidi Wicks

Sam Minniti is currently pursuing a master’s in post-secondary education from MUN. He also happens to have been selected for Maclean’s magazine’s Top 50 for Post-Secondary Education earlier this year. Mr. Minniti said he is proud to be a Memorial student.

“(Memorial’s) is a unique program in all of Canada which avidly focuses on the numerous facets that shape post-secondary education in Canada. Ultimately, I am thrilled that MUN offers a graduate program that succinctly joins my personal and professional interests!” he said. “Besides MUN’s strong academic reputation, the fact that I could do my M.Ed. from home while continuing to work full-time was very appealing to me.

“I had the pleasure of visiting MUN in the past for a student government conference (SuperCon 2001), and absolutely loved the picturesque campus and outgoing, friendly people. I will definitely make the trip to MUN when I graduate with my M.Ed. down the road.”

For the past decade, he has been involved in various facets of post-secondary education, including student government, student advocacy, and student affairs at the local, provincial, federal, and international levels.

Many of the issues he has dealt with in Ontario exist similarly in Newfoundland and Labrador. However, the two provinces differ in their “corresponding decision made by governments and post-secondary institutions,” he said.


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