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Vol 40  No 5
November 1, 2007


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Enrolment numbers are in
by Jill Hunt

Memorial University continues to attract high school students from within Newfoundland and Labrador. The number of first-year undergraduate students coming to Memorial this fall increased by 3.2 per cent compared to the 2006 registration numbers.

“It is good to see that we are continuing to attract our high school students given the declining high school population in our province,” said Sheila Devine, director, Student Recruitment.

Total enrolment, including all campuses, at Memorial University is 17,849, a slight decrease of 1.5 per cent from last year. This includes new and continuing students to Memorial. There is a 1.6 per cent decrease in undergraduate enrolment and a 1.4 per cent increase in graduate enrolment compared to 2006.

According to the results from the Atlantic Association of Universities (AAU) Preliminary Survey of Enrolments for 2007-2008, there is an overall decline of 2.4 per cent in total Maritime university enrolments. In the survey, Memorial University sits at a 1.8 per cent decrease in overall graduate and undergraduate enrolment.

Memorial’s full-time, first-year post-secondary enrolment showed an increase of 4.5 per cent.

Memorial’s Registrar Glenn Collins said the university is doing comparatively well given the accumulation of declining enrolment numbers within universities in Atlantic Canada over the last number of years.

Memorial continues to build on the national student body with slight increases. For continuing students returning to Memorial, there is a 2.6 per cent decrease, however, there has also been a 5.6 per cent increase in the number of students who have returned to Memorial after being away for two or more semesters.

International enrolment for undergraduate students is on the rise this year with an increase of 23.5 per cent for new international students and 8.5 per cent increase for continuing international students.

“We recruit students through various methods, including high schools visits, educational fairs and unique marketing campaigns in our province, nationally and internationally,” said Ms. Devine. “Student recruitment is becoming increasingly competitive. This factor combined with the declining demographics in this province and the Maritimes provinces where we have a strong student base means that we will have to work strategically and effectively to increase our undergraduate student enrolment numbers. Memorial has great strengths – affordable tuition, quality faculty and programs and is located in a great place to study and live.”


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