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Vol 40  No 5
November 1, 2007


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Students can choose e-mail for life
by Jeff Green

Memorial has changed the look of student e-mail addresses.

A new single e-mail policy was approved in September by the Board of Regents. That means from now on all official e-mail correspondence between students and the university must be sent through accounts with a Memorial domain name – for example.

Students who do not already have a Memorial e-mail address can choose their own from a set of options that are built using their first name, last name and initial.

The new single e-mail policy will allow students to keep their e-mail address for life. In the past, once students graduated their Memorial e-mail address would expire.

The university recognized students have an affiliation and strong connection to Memorial long after completing their studies, so officials came up with the system.

“The main purpose of the single e-mail policy is to provide Memorial with a formal and stable means of e-mail communications with students, faculty, staff and other related personnel,” said Graham Mowbray, director, Computing and Communications (C&C).

“To date, we have used various commercial and free Internet based e-mail addresses for students and it has not been at all simple to keep track of their e-mail addresses. As individuals change their e-mail addresses, we are not always aware of it so often e-mails go to dormant accounts.”

Class information, assignments and any other official correspondence with the university will be sent through the new system.

Officials say the new policy will ensure that there is a formal e-mail address that Memorial knows is trustworthy and reliable. Similarly, e-mails from students must come from the new u-pick accounts – that way nobody can spoof an address and send an e-mail to the university claiming to be from the student.

Over the next few months, students will convert to their new e-mail addresses. Faculty or department e-mail services are expected to occur over the next year. Mr. Mowbray said C&C will work with each of the other e-mail services on campus to help ease the conversion and move accounts and data to the new system.

For more information, visit the Computing and Communications Help Centre, room HH-2012, open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., or contact the centre at 737-4595 or


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