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Vol 40  No 3
September 20, 2007



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Prestigious award for research professor

Dr. Fereidoon Shahidi

Dr. Fereidoon Shahidi, University Research Professor, Department of Biochemistry, cross-appointed to Biology, the Ocean Sciences Centre and the Aquaculture Program, was the 2007 recipient of the prestigious award for Advancement of Application of Agricultural and Food Chemistry for his distinguished achievements.

The award consisted of a plaque and $3,000 and was presented to him at the Agricultural and Food Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society during its 234th meeting in Boston on Aug. 21. This is the highest award that the society bestows upon an individual who has been instrumental in the advancement of application of chemistry. The American Chemical Society is the largest scientific organization with over 160,000 members worldwide.

Dr. Shahidi has established an internationally-renowned research program in the nutraceutical, natural health products, and functional food areas, particularly the lipid and antioxidant chemistry, and bioactives as well as seafoods and marine bioactives. He has received numerous awards from different organizations and has been the most published researcher (1996-2006) and a most highly cited scientist for 1992-2006 in food, nutrition and agricultural science.

Dr. Shahidi’s work has resulted in the publication of over 40 books, more than 600 research papers and book chapters and a number of patents. He is an editorial board member for six notable journals and is the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Food Lipids and the North American Editor of Food Chemistry.

He has organized numerous conferences and scores of symposia. He has also been a highly regarded mentor for over 40 graduate students and some 20 postdoctoral fellows, visiting professors and foreign exchange students at Memorial. Dr. Shahidi has served on numerous advisory and review committees in Canada and globally and currently serves as an expert advisory committee member for Health Canada’s Natural Health Product Directorate and several other national and international organizations.

Dr. Shahidi noted that his achievements were not his own alone, but were also due to the hard work of his students, assistants and co-investigators from around the world.


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