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Vol 40  No 2
August 30, 2007



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Drama man: Education professor Clar Doyle
by Heidi Wicks

Dr. Clar Doyle

Even while outside the classroom, faculty of education professor Dr. Clar Doyle rarely rests. For over 25 years, he’s been a prominent figure in arts education and on the local theatre scene, designing, writing, directing and performing in a plethora of local productions.

Since 1995 he has directed several Beothuk Street Players’ productions, including Evita (which starred his famous daughter Damhnait), Death of a Salesman, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Blood Brothers.

Dr. Doyle believes wholeheartedly in the contribution the arts make to society and the quality of life we enjoy.

“In producing culture, plays for example, we have the opportunity to pick and poke at our identities, personal and communal, as well as to represent ourselves to the world and to ourselves,” he said.

“In our theatre we have opportunities to deal with such themes as a sense of place, a sense of belonging and leaving. We can preserve that which truly represents us, and continue to see the great value in indigenous expressions of creativity.”

His work is deeply rooted in Newfoundland’s connection with Ireland.

“We are aware (here) of the through-line that flows from Irish theatre to stage drama in Newfoundland. This represents more than the plays from Ireland that get produced here. The influence is subtly seen and felt in the plots, characters and dramatic forms that fill plays written and produced in Newfoundland.”

Dr. Doyle’s creative work is also strongly connected with his academic writing and the development work he does with schools, school boards, drama institutes, and drama festivals. His writing credits and publications include some 20 dramatic scripts including Not Recommended For Children, Yesterday’s Men, People of the Net. As well, he has recently adapted Out From Here for the Stephenville Festival.


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