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Vol 40  No 2
August 30, 2007



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Memorial researchers go on a geologic journey
by Deborah Inkpen

With a foundation spanning more than two thirds of North America, the Canadian Shield is the largest single expanse of ancient rock anywhere on the planet. Geologists believe that some rocks in the Canadian Shield were present during the very beginnings of the Earth’s formation.

Time has shaped them into an ensemble of proud mountains and vast plains where valuable resources such as gold and diamonds can be found under the crust. While the shield has been surveyed from north to south, its underground world still leaves much to be discovered and is one of the true last frontiers of human exploration.

A show on the geology of the Canadian Shield will air Sept. 23 on CBC’s Nature of Things and features Memorial University geologists Drs. Derek Wilton and Paul Sylvester, undergrad student Angie Paveley and Memorial alumnus Lawrence Winter (V-P Exploration Altius Resources Inc.). The story is the third in a five-part series on the geology of Canada.

In the segment, Dr. Wilton, Department of Earth Sciences, and his colleagues undertake an expedition in search of the oldest rock formations in the world, deep into remote Labrador territory of the Torngat Mountains.

The show will also air on Radio Canada, The Discovery Channel in the U.S. and NHK in Japan. For more information, visit


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