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Vol 40  No 2
August 30, 2007



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Keeping off-campus students in the loop

Special orientation events planned for this year
by Jeff Green

Memorial students living away from the St. John’s campus will get a chance to learn more about the university and capital city during a special event slated for Orientation Week 2007.

The Off-Campus Housing Office, in conjunction with Answers, will host a city bus tour and scavenger hunt aimed specifically at Memorial students who live away from the St. John’s campus.

The office was created a year ago to help students find appropriate housing accommodations off campus. Staff members assist post-secondary students attending Memorial locate a place to live. A bed crunch on the St. John’s campus has meant more students have been forced to find an apartment away from the university. The university plans to renovate existing residences and build some new ones over the next few years.
Housing co-ordinators work with these students to sort through the process of locating a place to rent – anything from an apartment or bedsitting room to a house to rent or share. They even help landlords find prospective tenants for their properties.

Staff also maintains a website where students can search for rental properties and landlords can submit property listings.

“The Off-Campus Housing Office provides a vital link between students, the community, and the university,” said co-ordinator Allison Stamp. “Since our site was launched in August 2006, we have had over 1,000 students register with our site and have had over 1,300 listings submitted by landlords.”

In addition to helping students find a suitable place to live, the office also provides academic and social programming and support for students living off-campus. That includes activities like the city tour and scavenger hunt.

Ms. Stamp said the office routinely works with other university departments and units, as well as community groups such as the residential tenancy board to plan programming.

“Building on the work done in its first year of operation, the Off-Campus Housing Office will continue to help students find accommodation, and provide programming to help connect off-campus students to the university and the community they live in,” she noted.

A complete listing of upcoming social events, as well as available accommodations can be found on the office’s website,, or by e-mailing or
calling 737-3765.


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