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Vol 40  No 2
August 30, 2007



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Police story

Most students might find it disconcerting to see their prof being handcuffed by the police. But for Brent Snook, it’s all part of his teaching methods. Dr. Snook says he is interested in developing ways for people to distinguish between scientific and pseudoscientific practices in the criminal justice system, especially in relation to criminal investigative techniques such as criminal profiling, geographic profiling, polygraph, hypnosis, interrogation methods, etc.

Videos he has incorporated into both the on-campus and online versions of his course are directly related to such techniques.

He also does work with the local RNC. In particular, he and Insp. John House have been published together on issues such as evaluating the effectiveness of the National DNA databank, the spatial behaviour of robbers, and ways of improving the management of major criminal investigations. All of the RNC’s new recruits are required to take Dr. Snook’s Introduction to Forensic Psychology class on campus.

Dr. Snook is also very active outside the classroom. His hobbies involve playing golf, playing in the Metro Basketball League and coaching the senior boys basketball team at Bishops College High School.


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