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Vol 40  No 10
February 21, 2008



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Papers & Presentations

Dr. Steven M. Carr, Biology, presented an invited seminar at the Conservation and Population Genomics workshop of the International Plant & Animal Genomics XVI conference, held in San Diego, Calif., from January 12-16 2008. His presentation, “Phylogeographic genomics of Atlantic Cod: “Herstory” of the “Codmother” from multiple intraspecific mtDNA genome sequences,” describes recent research on the genetic structure of the Newfoundland cod fishery, and presents a new method of DNA sequencing based on DNA microarray “GeneChips.”

Dr. Amin Muhammad, professor of psychiatry, is author of the article A Lesson Learnt, published this month in BMJ Career Focus. The article is a reflection on Dr. Muhammad’s experience on the importance of a thorough physical examination even in psychiatric patients.


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