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Vol 40  No 10
February 21, 2008



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Heaslip Scholarships awarded and renewed
by Janet Harron

Bridget Henley and Andrew Harvey. (Photo by Janet Harron)

The generous Heaslip Scholarship continues to spread its bounty to deserving students and renew assistance to those recognized in 2007.

Bridget Henley and Andrew Harvey, both second year students at Memorial, learned in November 2007 that they are the beneficiaries of the substantial scholarship for 2008, worth $15,000 this year and renewable for two additional years.

The award is funded by a donation from The William and Nona Heaslip Foundation and is the largest scholarship available to Memorial undergraduates.

Coincidentally, both Ms. Henley and Mr. Harvey are linguistics students – Ms. Henley hasn’t declared a minor yet but hopes it to be in French.

“I’ve always had an affinity for languages … I went through the early immersion program in French and would like to continue my study of the language.”

Mr. Harvey is doing a double major in French and Linguistics. Department head Dr. Marguerite MacKenzie is proud of the departmental hat trick.

“Enthusiastic students like Bridget and Andrew in our classes help keep our professors on their toes and enhance the quality of discussion for everyone in the class,” comment Dr. MacKenzie.

Mr. Harvey received the good news last semester while in St. Pierre, participating in the Frecker program.

“When my parents told me the news on the phone, I couldn’t help getting a little excited … However English is banned in the strictest sense at the Francoforum and staff members protectively formed a flock around me until I calmed down and was able to think and speak in French again.”

In addition to this year’s winners, the two inaugural Heaslip Scholarships have been renewed. Eleanor Daley, who is currently in her third year as a history honours major with a math minor, said the scholarship and its renewal have given her a lot more educational opportunities. Her fellow winner Hazel Dalton, who is pursuing a bachelor of arts in computer science and a minor in German, has found studying much less stressful since winning the scholarship and has noticed a marked increase in her ability to focus on both academics and extracurricular activities.

Heaslip Scholarships are awarded to two students annually who are registered for full-time studies, have scholarship standing, are in financial need and have demonstrated outstanding involvement in university and/or community affairs. They are renewable for an additional two years provided the above noted requirements continue to be demonstrated. Preference is given to students in the Faculty of Arts.


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