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Vol 40  No 10
February 21, 2008



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Changes at Paton College

Squires House will be converted to co-ed starting in the fall 2008 semester. Director of Housing, Food and Conference Services, Christine Burke, said demand for co-ed housing has increased over the past year, while requests for single gender units have declined. This change will allow more flexibility in assigning bed spaces as well as ensuring preference requests are met, she added.

Those wishing to remain in an all-female environment have the option of moving to Blackall House or one of Memorial’s all-female apartments in Burton’s Pond, said Ms. Burke.

Those students from Squires opting to move to Blackall will maintain their placement on Blackall House’s list; their names will be inserted in the appropriate place according to their points.

Ten residence houses make up Paton College. Eight of these are co-ed and two, Blackall and Squires, are all-female residences.

“The number for students requesting an all-female residence as their preference has now dropped to the point where vacancies can result from having only males left on a waitlist and only beds left in an all-female residence,” said Ms. Burke.

Of the new residents who moved into Paton College for fall 2007, only 77 preferred an all-female residence. As of Jan. 29, 2008, there are only 44 new applicants requesting an all-female residence and there are 29 vacancies in total in the all-female residences.

“The demand is therefore at a level that can easily be accommodated by a single all-female residence,” said Ms. Burke. Blackall can accommodate 105 residents, which is five more than Squires.

Ms. Burke added that those with concerns regarding the fall can discuss their options with residence life officers at the Housing Office.

Those wishing to be reassigned to another residence are requested to e-mail, call 737-7590 or visit Rosalyn Blackwood at the Housing Office no later than March 3, 2008.


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