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Vol 40  No 1
August 9, 2007



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Dr. Lynda Younghusband, assistant professor in the Counselling Centre, was presented with the Canadian Counselling Association Doctoral Dissertation Award at an awards ceremony on May 24 in Vancouver. The Canadian Counselling Association (CCA) is a national association of professionally trained counsellors. The dissertation was required to have been completed in one of the two calendar years preceding the award presentation. The submission was assessed on originality, methodology, writing style, and overall quality of presentation, strengths and limitations, findings and results, and the importance of the work to counselling in Canada. Dr. Younghusband’s doctoral dissertation was titled High School Teachers’ Perceptions of Their Working Environment: A Grounded Theory Study. She completed her PhD from the Faculty of Medicine, Clinical Epidemiology, Memorial University, in October 2005 under the co-supervision of Dr. Christine Way, School of Nursing, and Dr. Ted Callanan, Faculty of Medicine.

Dr. Ailsa Craig of the Sociology Department has been invited to be Visiting Professor in the Department of Language, Culture and Society at the Groupe Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Rouen in Normandy, France. While in Rouen in September, Dr. Craig will be lecturing for a cross-cultural seminar on the globalization of culture, as well as offering a seminar on strategies for publishing in North America.

English professor Dr. Don Nichol’s 2006 publication The New Foundling Hospital for Wit was reviewed in a July issue of the Times Literary Supplement by Prof. Claude Rawson, professor of English at Yale University and one of the top 18th-century scholars in the world.


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