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Vol 39  No 9
Feb. 1, 2007



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The following is a listing of the award recipients in the
J.R. Smallwood Foundation Competition for fall 2006

Smallwood Foundation Conference Grant

• Mathias, Cathy; Archaeology Unit, Memorial; Canadian Association for the Conservation of Cultural Property.

Smallwood Foundation Research Grants

• Brake, Jamie; Archaeology Unit, Memorial; Excavation at the Ferguson Bay I Site in Western Labrador

• Butler, Donald; Archaeology Unit; Anthropogenic Influences on Preservation in Northern Labrador

• Labelle, Ronald; University of Moncton; Traditional Songs of French Newfoundland

• Lunde, Lynn; Anthropology, University of Alberta; “Any Mummers Allowed In?”: The Tradition and Revival of the Newfoundland Mummers’ Play

• Neilsen, Scott; Archaeology Unit; Archaeology Beyond the Horizon: Pre-Contact Land Tenure in Labrador West

• Thorne, Gary; Folklore, Memorial; The Newfoundland-Alberta Migration Project

• Tulk, Janice; Music, Memorial; Mi’kmaq Music in Newfoundland: Cultural Connections Between Eskasoni, NS, And Conne River, NL


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