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Vol 39  No 9
Feb. 1, 2007



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Music groups performs in Toronto and builds affinity with alumni

Choral connections 
by Jeff Green

Memorial’s Chamber Choir heads to Toronto this month for several performances.
(Photo by Chris Hammond)

Building on the success of winning a national choral competition last year, Memorial’s Chamber Choir is heading to Canada’s largest city for several special performances this month.

The trip is strategic. Toronto is the home of the largest base of alumni outside of this province, so organizers want to reconnect with Memorial grads living in the area. They also want to motivate them to become ambassadors for the university, all the while continuing recruitment efforts in that part of Ontario.

“This trip is very exciting and very good publicity for Memorial in general and the chamber choir and the music school in particular,” said Dr. Doug Dunsmore, director of the choir, which won the top prize in the University Choir category during the CBC/Radio Canada National Radio Competition for Amateur Choirs last May.

From Feb. 20-26, the choir will conduct workshops with young performers at a local music conservatory and three adult choirs from Toronto’s downtown community; the Toronto Song Lovers from St. Christopher House, University Settlement House Choir and the choir of the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre.

Members will also participate in a choral masterclass given by Lydia Adams, conductor of the Iseler Singers and the Amadeus Choir.

The icing on the cake, however, will be when the choir performs a special gala concert at the prestigious Glenn Gould Studio in the CBC Broadcasting Centre. That performance will be extra special considering who’ll join the students on stage.

“The most prominent guest will be singer – and alumnus – David Pomeroy, who is now a rising force in the opera world as a sought-after Canadian tenor,” said Dr. Dunsmore.

The final number will feature a composition by Dr. Donald Cook, a former director of Memorial’s School of Music and honorary degree recipient. The choir will sing That St. John’s Girl by Dr. Cook, who’ll play the piano with the choir.

Organizers are enthusiastic about the performance and having an evening dedicated to promoting the university while in Toronto.

“Our recruitment efforts are ongoing in Toronto but when we can partner with a group such as our chamber choir and alumni in the area we

can really illustrate why Memorial is such a special place,” said Sheila Devine, director of the Office of Student Recruitment.

Student Recruitment will also have a tuition prize draw during the night of the concert, currently valued at $2,550 for two semesters.

Alumni and friends of the university living in the Toronto area are encouraged to take in the chamber choir’s performance. Their concert is set for Sunday, Feb. 25 at 8 p.m., with a reception to follow. Tickets can be purchased directly from the Glenn Gould Studio by calling 416-205-5555 or online at Memorial is holding a small number of tickets for Memorial alumni. Contact 1-877-700-4081 or e-mail


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