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Vol 39  No 9
Feb. 1, 2007



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Relay raises thousands
by Jeff Green

This group of energetic students took part in Memorial’s Relay for life. (Photo by Chris Hibbs)

More than 180 people helped raise in excess of a whopping $12,000 in just a dozen hours during Memorial’s first-ever Relay for Life, held on the St. John’s campus on Jan. 28. The event was organized by students and staff members at the university and raised money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Organizers had encouraged as many staff and faculty members, as well as students to get involved. Chris King, a masters student with the cardiovascular and renal research group in the Faculty of Medicine, was one of the key organizers of the event. He said he was delighted by the turn out and amount raise so far.

“With the pledges and luminary sales we have raised roughly over $12,000,” he said. “It surpasses our target and we are very pleased. We will not have an official number until the end of the month as fundraising is still ongoing until Feb. 28.”

Mr. King said he was encouraged so many people from the university community committed themselves to the relay despite a major storm the night before. “The luminary ceremony blew me away. A portion of the MUN Chamber Choir performed and they were absolutely spectacular,” he said.

“There weren’t many dry eyes during those moments. I can’t say how proud I am of the steering committee.”

In light of the success of last month’s relay, Mr. King now hopes it’ll become a yearly traditional at the university.


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