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Vol 39  No 8
Jan. 11, 2007




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Dr. James Downey was named the first president and chief executive officer of the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario. That group is an independent agency of the Ontario provincial government. Dr. Downey has a long association with Memorial. In addition to earning his bachelor of arts degree in 1962 and his bachelor of education degree in 1963, he also graduated from the university with his master of arts degree in 1964. As a Rothermere Fellow he studied at the University of London and was awarded his PhD in 1966. A native of Newfoundland, Dr. Downey was also awarded an honorary degree from Memorial in 1991.

Brendan Sheehan, a second-year medical student at Memorial, is the first winner of the Young Humanitarian Award, presented by the New Brunswick Red Cross Nov. 15. He was nominated by his home town of Grand Bay-Westfield. At age 23, Mr. Sheehan has a long list of accomplishments, including taking an aid trip to West Africa and leading a group to raising $27,000 for cystic fibrosis. The Young Humanitarian Award was introduced this year as part of the Red Cross’ 10th anniversary of the Humanitarian Dinner in New Brunswick.

Genesis Centre client MedicLINK Systems, a leading developer of eye care professional software, is the winner of the 2006 St. John’s Board of Trade New Start-Up award. The award recognizes a business venture that has demonstrated outstanding growth and success in its first three years of operation. The Genesis Centre is Memorial’s support network for technology-based ventures which have high growth potential, and are seeking business guidance and capital.

According to the latest issue of American Scientist, the magazine of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society, a Memorial university research professor is among the 15 scholars appointed to Sigma Xi’s Distinguished Lecturer panel for 2007-08. Dr. Roger White in the Geography Department was the only researcher from a Canadian institution to be chosen for this prestigious panel, which facilitates visiting lectureships. The listed topics to which Dr. White can speak include Living in Nature: Integrating the Social and Environmental Sciences in Computer-based Models; Cities and Regions as Complex Self-Organizing Entities: From Dynamic Theory to Planning and Policy Support Tools with Cellular Automata Based Urban Models; and High-Resolution Prediction of Growth and Change in Urban Regions: Exploding Grid Cellular Automata with Power-Law Spatial Interaction. Sigma Xi is a multidisciplinary research society with over 65,000 members in over 100 countries. Its aim is to promote the health of the research enterprise and to foster public understanding of science.


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