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Vol 39  No 8
Jan. 11, 2007




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New students being recruited for Ambassador Program

Fresh faces
By Jeff Green

Memorial’s pre-eminent student volunteer program is looking for new faces to represent the university once again this year.

With the start of the new semester this week, organizers are now seeking new applications from passionate students who are looking to pull up their sleeves and help promote the university, its faculties and alumni.

The Memorial Ambassador Program provides students with an opportunity to represent the university at various functions ranging from high-profile events like convocation, as well as student recruitment activities.

Nominations are being accepted from Jan. 19 to Feb. 9.

Launched as a pilot project by the Office of Student Affairs and Services, with the support of the Division of Marketing and Communications, the Office of Student Recruitment and the Office of Alumni Affairs and Development, the ambassador program trained 25 of the university’s leading students to participate in a number of key events around the university and beyond. The students were selected through an intense screening process.

Now, organizers are hoping to recruit new students for the program.

Dr. Lilly Walker, dean of Student Affairs and Services, said they’re looking for charismatic students who embody the best qualities of the university’s amazing student population.

“Ambassadors are passionate, articulate and informed students who have been chosen to represent Memorial in various functions,” she said. “Qualities that are highly-valued when we are considering the nominations include: effective communicators, organized responsive leaders, keen interest in others, knowledge of the university, respected by others for their capabilities, friendly, open to diversity.”

Dr. Walker said one of the unique things about the ambassador program is that it gives students hands-on experience that’ll last a lifetime. She said volunteers get a chance to take part in special ceremonies such as Remembrance Day or convocation, conduct tours of the university, greet visitors from across Canada and abroad and help recruit students. She said they’re mentored and prepared for each activity they’ll take part in. Volunteers receive training in various areas including dining etiquette, networking, and protocol when dealing with dignitaries, as well as receive briefings on various Memorial departments. Ambassadors also get the chance to meet with alumni, as well as business and community leaders which they may not otherwise have the opportunity to engage.

“Professional and personal, ambassadors are the student face at numerous campus events,” Dr. Walker pointed out. “The program is important as it gives individuals and organizations who may not have an opportunity to interact with our students, a chance to meet with them and gain insight into the Memorial student experience.”

That was the case for 20-year-old Ryan Moore, a native of Saint John, N.B., who is completing both a bachelor of commerce (co-op) degree and a bachelor of arts degree. Since getting involved with the program last year he’s been able to learn a great deal about Memorial, all the while interacting with others and promoting the university.

Mr. Moore said thanks to the ambassador program, he now has a greater sense of pride in Memorial.

“I now feel that I can do an even better job at representing my school,” he said. “It also gives me this chance to say to the world that ‘Hey, I go to Memorial and I’m proud of it.’

“If you are truly proud of your school then you will be able to talk to anyone about how great it really is and you will be a fine representative for Memorial.”

Nominations can be submitted by members of the university community including faculty and staff members, alumni or pensioners.

To learn more about the Memorial Ambassador Program, visit:


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