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Vol 39  No 7
Dec. 14, 2006



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Papers & Presentations

Marcella Rollmann, Department of German and Russian, gave three presentations recently. At the Joint Annual Meeting of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and the American Association of Teachers of German, held in Nashville, Tennessee, Nov. 17-19, she presented two papers. For the session on building a dynamic learning environment for cultural literacy, she gave a paper titled Cultural Misunderstandings Gleaned from Student Journals on Study Abroad Trips: Students Learning from Students. For the session on maintaining professional growth through action research, her paper was titled A Comparison of Speaking Activities in Beginning German Classes Taught in and Outside Germany Based on Classroom Observations. At the Atlantic Universities’ Teaching Showcase: From Vision to Voice: The New Story of Teaching and Learning, held at Memorial on Oct. 28, Prof. Rollmann presented a paper titled Internationalizing the Curriculum with German for Distance Education Students. She was assisted by co-presenters Pam Phillips and Colleen Collett of DELT in explaining the design and development of the course and demonstrating the use of WebCT and Elluminate Live for teaching language at a distance.

Dr. Messod Salama, co-ordinator of Hispanic Studies, was recently the guest speaker at the University of Houston, Texas. He participated in the workshop of Hispanic Religious Thought and Practice in the U.S.A., and delivered a public lecture on A Romances and Paraliturgical Songs Among the Spanish-Speaking American Sephardim: A Lost Legacy.

Dr. Lynda Younghusband, Counselling Centre, addressed the Canadian Teachers’ Federation in Ottawa on Friday Nov. 17. Her presentation was titled It’s More than Harassment.


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