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Vol 39  No 7
Dec. 14, 2006



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Clarification and correction

Regarding the story on the doctoral program in Business in the last edition of the Gazette (Nov. 23, 2006), it should be noted that while the Senate approved the proposed program, approval of the Board of Regents is also required for program funding before it can be implemented. At Memorial, the Senate is responsible for approving the academic aspects of programs, while the management, administration and control of property, revenue and business are vested in the Board of Regents.

Meanwhile, the article on Politics, Power and the Common Good: An Introduction to Political Science that appeared in the last edition of the Gazette contained two errors. The book is not an edited book but a co-authored one. As well, the authors were not listed in the correct order. It should be Eric Mintz, Dr. David Close, and Dr. Osvaldo Croci.


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