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Vol 39  No 7
Dec. 14, 2006



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Grenfell links to Ireland

Bridget O’Connell, a PhD student at WIT, will return to Newfoundland to complete her thesis on comparative study of fiddle playing traditions.

The Ireland-Newfoundland Partnership awarded its 2006 grants recently; several will link Irish researchers with Grenfell College.

In total 22 applications were received and 14 awards were made totalling 67, 500 pounds. Of the projects funded, five were projects where the Irish partner was linked to Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in Corner Brook.

Sir Wilfred Grenfell College has strong links with colleges in Ireland, particularly with the Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) and the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology (IADT).

Therese Moylan, a faculty member in the arts management program at IADT, was awarded a grant for her proposal to place an undergraduate intern at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College for a period of 20 weeks. The grant awarded is 2,500 pounds.

As well, two postgraduate grants were awarded. Bridget O’Connell, a PhD student at WIT, will return to Newfoundland (she spent several weeks in the province over the summer) to complete her thesis on comparative study of fiddle playing traditions. The amount granted is 3,500 pounds. Joanne Lambert, also at WIT, was successful in her proposal to conduct research on the pine marten in Newfoundland. She will conduct research in both Corner Brook and the Red Indian Lake areas. Her grant is valued at 3,500 pounds.

Finally, two academic bursary awards were distributed. Dr. Peter McLoughlin of WIT submitted a proposal regarding the current collaboration between the Estuarine Research Group and Grenfell College (a biomonitoring program to analyze the baseline level for toxic metal concentrations in both the Humber Valley region and the River Suir in the Southeast of Ireland). His bursary is valued at €6,000. Peter Jordan, also of WIT, proposed to travel to Newfoundland for one week with the aim of developing collaborative research activity in the area of visual arts between Grenfell and WIT. This is to build on previous collaborations in the arts between the two institutions. His bursary is valued at 2,000 pounds.

“We are delighted that our Irish partners have had so much success in securing funding from the INP,” said Grenfell Principal John Ashton. “These awards demonstrate that our collaborative research and student exchange programs are becoming increasingly productive and the work that we are doing with our Irish partners is increasingly worthy of support.

“We hope to enjoy similar success in securing support for our own activities in Ireland from a variety of Canadian-based funding sources including Newfoundland’s Irish Business Partnerships.”


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