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Vol 39  No 5
Nov. 2, 2006



Convocation 2006

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Nov. 23, 2006

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Hayward Blake has been appointed as co-ordinator of Field Services in the Faculty of Education at Memorial. Mr. Blake has extensive experience in the K-12 school system as a teacher, principal, and school district administrator. Mr. Blake also served two terms on Memorial’s Board of Regents and the Alumni Association executive.

Dr. James P. Feehan, professor of Economics, was a participant in a roundtable discussion on Restoring Fiscal Balance in Canada. The roundtable meeting, which consisted of about 20 economists and political scientists invited from across Canada, was organized by the Department of Finance Canada and held in Halifax on Sept. 18.

Dr. Chris Youé, head of the Department of History, has been appointed to the editorial advisory board of the International History Review (see Dr. Youé has also been invited to serve as an appraisal consultant for the Ontario Council on Graduate Studies for the proposed MA in History at Trent University.


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