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Vol 39  No 4
Oct. 12, 2006



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Memorial tallies fall enrolment

by Jill Hunt

Memorial’s fall enrolment numbers are in. As of Sept. 20, the overall count of students who have enrolled at Memorial University for fall 2006 is 17,509, a slight decrease from 2005 which had an overall enrolment of 17,803 students.

The undergraduate enrolment at Memorial is 15,033 students registered for courses in the fall semester, a decrease of 294 registrants compared to this time September 2005 when enrolment was 15,327. The graduate studies enrolment remains steady at 2,272 students registered compared to 2,295 in 2005. Post-graduate enrolment is slightly on the rise with 204 registrants compared to 181 in 2005.

“The university will be examining registration patterns for new and returning students in order to understand more fully why students choose to attend university and what factors influence their choices,” said Glenn Collins, university registrar.

A comparison of the 2006 registration numbers with those from 2005 indicates an overall boost in out-of-province and international students studying at Memorial, with a slight decline in Newfoundland and Labrador registrants. This comes at a time when the number of high school students in the province continues to decline.

“The slight decrease in Newfoundland and Labrador registrants reflects a decrease in the number of Newfoundland and Labrador students in Grade 12. For example, in 2004-05 there were 6,591 Grade 12 students registered in Newfoundland and Labrador high schools. In 2005-06, this number dropped to 6,328,” says Sheila Devine, director of Student Recruitment. “We realize that this is a trend that is likely to continue in the near future and we are attempting to offset this by increasing the numbers of both national and international students.”


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