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Vol 39  No 4
Oct. 12, 2006



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Busy board member takes her leave

by David Sorensen

Dr. Georgina Hedges

An ubiquitous face on Memorial’s Board of Regents is moving on after nine years. Dr. Georgina Hedges started with the Board in the fall of 1997, and after serving on almost every committee and two stints as acting chair, the renowned educator will attend her last meeting later this month.

Over nine years, Dr. Hedges has worked closely with senior administration in such challenging areas as budget and government relations. In 2001 she accepted the role of vice-chair with the Board. For the period 2003-04, Dr. Hedges served the demanding role as acting chair of the Board of Regents. And, because of her extensive leadership experience, she was once again called on to serve as acting chair in February 2006.

Her most vivid memory was the search for a new president in 1998, and the decision to hire Dr. Axel Meisen.

“That was an exciting and important time,” she said.

Despite the long hours, she said serving on the Board was rewarding because of the connections she made with people, whether they were fellow board members, faculty or staff. She described the latter group as “phenomenal.”

Her volunteer role with the university will be recognized by the Alumni Association. It will honour her with the 2006 J. D. Eaton Award for exceptional volunteer service to Memorial University during the Alumni Tribute Awards on Oct. 26.


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