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Vol 39  No 3
Sept. 21, 2006



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Board of Regents meets in Stephenville

The Board of Regents held its regular meeting in Stephenville this month and President Axel Meisen took the opportunity to update board members on issues as varied as the draft of the strategic plan, the impact of the Katz report and the university’s Western Newfoundland interests.

On the Katz report, Dr. Meisen said the board was “given a presentation similar to that provided to the university community and are in support of the actions taken by the university.”

Dr. Georgina Hedges, acting chair of the board, said that when issues such as the Katz report come to the board and the university, it’s important that they be communicated clearly to the public.

“Dr. Meisen’s briefing was thorough and comprehensive and the key elements of the report and recommendations were very well explained,” she said. “I am quite satisfied that as new information becomes available the board and public will be kept apprised.”

Dr. Hedges also noted that Dr. Meisen’s presentation on the strategic plan was “very well-received by the board” and added that when a plan advocates the growth of the university “it is imperative we move forward and the board is in favour of that.”

The board also hosted a community dinner attended by local media, community members and dignitaries. The dinner was regarded as an opportunity to update the community on Memorial activities and interests in the area and to get feedback from key stakeholders.

The Stephenville dinner was attended by about 30 board and community members, as well as Dr. Meisen, Education Minister Joan Burke, and Peter Fenwick, mayor of Bay St. George and a former regent.


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