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Vol 39  No 3
Sept. 21, 2006



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Students band together to fight Cystic Fibrosis

Shining for a cause

by Jeff Green

Grenfell Principal John Ashton stopped for a shoe shine Sept. 8. Student Kayla Sheppard shined his shoes while fellow classmates Beverly Wayson, Usha Nanduri and Terra Bath looked on. (Photo by Pamela Gill)

Thanks to the efforts of energetic students from both Memorial University’s St. John’s campus and Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in Corner Brook more than $8,500 was raised recently to help fight a life-threatening genetic disease.

Earlier this month the students took part in a unique fundraiser for the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Shinerama is Canada’s largest post-secondary fundraiser involving students at almost 60 university and college campuses. It began in 1964 as a shoe-shining campaign during Orientation week at several post-secondary institutions but has since grown to include a wide variety of shining and non-shining events all under the Shinerama banner.

At Grenfell College, close to 60 students took part ­ led by nursing students from Western Regional School of Nursing ­ collecting an impressive $5,500.

On the St. John’s campus, more than 40 students ­ including those from the School of Nursing, as well as the Centre for Nursing Studies ­ helped raise $3,100 for the foundation, more than $790 of which came from students living in eight of the 10 residences on campus.

“We had a busy time and a great turnout from our supporters,” said Steph Power, one of the Shinerama co-ordinators in St. John’s and VP internal with MUNSU. “I was delighted so many people supported the event.”

Last year, more than 35,000 student volunteers took part in Shinerama events in more than 52 Canadian cities, towns, and communities, raising more than $920,000.

Over the years, Canadian students have raised more than $16.5 million to support the fight against cystic fibrosis.

Memorial and Grenfell’s efforts to actively organize Shinerama events each year underscores a desire by students to get involved in community events, said Dr. Lilly Walker, Memorial’s dean of student affairs and services.

“This is another example of our students coming together in a philanthropic endeavour,” she said proudly. “Similar to other ways in which our Memorial students participate in the community, this annual fall ritual was initially started by students in the School of Nursing. This year the numbers of students participating has expanded.”


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