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Vol 39  No 2
Aug. 31, 2006



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Papers & Presentations

Dr. Ted Callanan, Discipline of Psychiatry, is author of an article in the spring issue of Royal College Outlook titled When Doctors Strike. The article relates two real-life experiences the author has had with physician strikes and examines the inner struggle physicians face on the appropriateness of doctors going on strike. An accompanying article in the magazine by Drs. Ross Langley, Dalhousie University, and Charles Weijer, University of Western Ontario, examine the ethics of physician job action.

Dr. Geoff Rayner-Canham, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, was involved with three presentations at the Biennial Conference on Chemical Education held at Purdue University, Indiana, July 29 to Aug. 3. He presented his work on the development of video resources to the Symposium on the Teaching of Inorganic Chemistry. In a joint paper with Marelene Rayner-Canham at the Women and Chemistry Symposium, they discussed how many challenges facing the pioneering women chemists such as work and family, the imposter syndrome, the dual-career couple, still face women chemists today. At the Chemistry Across Borders Symposium, three of Dr. Rayner-Canhamís students, Christina Smeaton, Amy Snook and Tonia Churchill, described their outreach work to Labrador. Ms. Smeaton, who had been the first to accompany Dr. Rayner-Canham, described the background and her contribution, Ms. Snook then gave details of her own expeditions as far north as Nain, then she ďpassed the torchĒ to Ms. Churchill, who will be accompanying Dr. Rayner-Canham on the next phase of the program.

Dr. Robert Greenwood, director of the Harris Centre, gave the following presentations: May 12, Innovations in Planning: Wouldnít Implementing a Plan be Innovative?! Lessons in Ruthless Execution, an invited presentation to Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Municipalities, Municipal Symposium, Gander; May 24, invited presentation to Premierís Forum on the Fishery, St. Johnís; May 25, facilitator, Avalon Regional Joint Council Session with MPs and MHAs, St. Johnís; June 7, presentation on Harris Centre to Newfoundland Environmental Industries Association; June 16, invited presentation on Harris Centre to Rotary Club, St. Johnís; June 25, Rural Development in Canada: Issues and Opportunities, an invited presentation to federal/provincial/territorial agriculture ministersí meeting, St. Johnís; June 29, Lessons in Collaboration Across the Policy Community: From the Inside-Out & the Outside-In, an invited presentation to Building Capacity in Policy Development and Implementation: Meeting Stakeholder Expectations in a Changing Environment conference, Ottawa, June 29; Aug. 9-10, facilitator, The Future of Endangered Coastal Communities: Building Capacity for Renewal workshop, Change Islands, Newfoundland; Aug. 11, Developing a Strategic Socio-Economic Plan for Fogo Island: Where do we Start? a workshop for Fogo Island communities and groups in co-operation with Kittiwake Economic Development Corporation, Fogo Island.

Dr. Ross Klein, Social Work, gave a presentation at a public discussion on cruise ship tourism hosted by the Institute of Island Studies (IIS) at the University of Prince Edward Island July 26. Dr. Klein spoke on his research on the cruise ship industry in the Atlantic region and worldwide that has led to the identification of certain pitfalls to be avoided while pursuing this development path.

The work of Janine P. Woodrow, a doctoral student in the Faculty of Medicine supervised by Dr. Christopher Kovacs, is included in a publication in the May issue of Endocrinology. The paper is titled Calcitonin Plays a Critical Role in Regulating Skeletal Mineral Metabolism during Lactation and collaborators included Drs. Robert Gagel and Ana Hoff at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre. An editorial in the same issue highlights this work as significant and newsworthy. The editorial by Scott Miller is titled Calcitonin ≠ Guardian of the Mammalian Skeleton or Is It Just a Fish Story?


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