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Vol 39  No 2
Aug. 31, 2006



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Memorial co-hosts second cities conference

At a time when many national development strategies focus on big cities as the drivers of economic growth, a conference taking place in Corner Brook highlights the reality that the “second cities” of many provinces and other jurisdictions play a critical role as social and economic anchors for regional development.

Held Oct. 12-13, the International Second Cities Conference will feature discussion of lessons, best practices and strategies for “Second Cities” and other small to medium-sized urban centres.

Researchers, policy makers and municipal practitioners from the private and public sectors will present in the following areas: Economic development approaches: highlights innovations and best practices in diversifying the local economy, tapping into external markets and positioning your city for success; Sustainable ”green planning” and practices: will showcase established and emerging technologies and processes to create environmentally sustainable communities, while maximizing development opportunities; Infrastructure and opportunities for private-public-partnerships (P3s): addresses the challenges and opportunities in utilizing innovative approaches for cities to partner with the private sector in infrastructure provision and operation; Managing rural-urban interaction: demonstrates the reality that cities do not exist in isolation from surrounding communities and rural areas, and explores the governance mechanisms that can enable rural-urban cooperation; The role of post-secondary institutions in development: builds on current research and development initiatives to maximize the contributions of universities and colleges in the success of small and medium-sized cities; and immigration and population planning.

This conference is co-hosted by the City of Corner Brook and Memorial’s Harris Centre in partnership with Memorial’s Corner Brook campus Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, the Corner Brook Economic Development Corporation, College of the North Atlantic, the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Municipalities, and the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council.

An opening plenary will be kicked off by keynote presenter, Dr. Sigfús Jónsson, international business consultant on local governance, public-private-partnerships, and economic development; and former mayor of Iceland’s second city ­ Akureyri. Memorial faculty Drs. Larry Felt, Nick Novakoski, Ivan Emke, John Ashton, Murray Rudd and Wade Locke will be panellists at the conference.

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