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Vol 39  No 2
Aug. 31, 2006



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Sept. 21, 2006

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Scaling the heights
This summer, alumni Duleepa (Dups) Wijayawardhana, left, and Keli Ryan made it to the summit of Mount Elbrus in Russia. At 5,642 metres, this peak ­ located in the Caucuses mountain range ­ is the highest in continental Europe and one of the world’s Seven Summits. The climbers withstood blowing snow, ice pellets and the effects of high altitude to reach their goal on June 26. Once there, they unfurled the Newfoundland tricolour flag they’d brought along. Dr. T.A. Loeffler, professor of human kinetics and recreation, is set to attempt the same climb in the weeks ahead.

(Photo by Sergei Baranov)


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