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Vol 39  No 17
July 19, 2007



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Papers & Presentations

Dr. Steve Carr, Ana Duggan, Dr. Dawn Marshall, and Sara Tully, Biology, presented two papers and three posters at the 15th annual meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, held in Halifax, N.S., June 24-28, 2007. More than 700 scientists from more than 25 countries attended. Drs. Marshall and Carr gave oral presentations in the session Fish Genetics and Genomics, which were titled Selection and Recombination of the mtDNA Genome in Atlantic Cod: Any Need to Panic? and Phylogeographic Genomics of Atlantic Cod: the “Codmother” and the “Out of Newfoundland” hypothesis. B.Sc. honours students Ms. Duggan and Ms.Tully presented posters titled Multi-species Iterative DNA Sequencing on Microarrays: the ArkChip, and Mutational and Evolutionary Analysis of Son-of-Sevenless Homolog 1, a Candidate Gene for Hereditary Hyperplastic Gingivitis in Silver Foxes. A third poster by Drs. Carr, Marshall, and Ms. Duggan was titled High-Throughput Biotechnology for Intraspecific Phylogenomics: Iterative mtDNA Genome Sequencing on Multispecies Microarrays. Various aspects of this work have been published in Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, and are under review for the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the U.S.

Capt. Rajiv Deengar of the Fisheries and Marine Institute, presented a paper titled A Role for Sustainability Reporting in the Shipping Industry at the IEEE conference Oceans 07 at Aberdeen, U.K., June 21, 2007. Capt. Deengar is exploring the linkages of Accountability and Risk Management with Sustainability in his research. The paper will be published in upcoming IEEE publication.

Dr. Valerie Legge, English Department, presented a paper titled Agnes C Laut and the Early Conservation Movement in the U.S. at the Taking a Stand Conference held at the National Archives in Ottawa, June 12-15, 2007.

Dr. Phillip McCann, professor emeritus in the Faculty of Education, has had the rare distinction of two of his books being republished by leading British publishers. The two volume The Education Innovators, with W.A.C. Stewart, described as the “first thoroughly comprehensive general survey of progressive education … a work of scholarship unequalled since its original publication in 1967,” has been re-issued by Macmillan with a new introduction, a chronology and bibliography by Dr. McCann. Popular Education and Socialization in the 19th Century, edited by Dr. McCann, was originally published by Methuen in 1977. This has now been re-published by Routledge Library Editions: History of Education.

Dr. Graham Worrall, professor of family medicine, has published a paper titled Diagnosing Streptococcal Sore Throat in Adults: Randomized Controlled Trial of In-Office Aids, in the Canadian Family Physician, volume 54, April 2007, pages 666-671. The paper was co-authored with Drs. James Hutchinson and Gregory Sherman, both of Memorial University.


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